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5 Tips For Home Date Night

Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in work, kids, and, well...that 100th load of laundry for the week that my weekly date night falls by the wayside.

And this is a big no-no for me. Why? Because when I stop prioritizing fun into my marriage, I get agitated more easily, romance wanes, and guess who suffers? Not only the parents, but the kids!


When mom and dad are happy, connected, and satisfied the whole family wins!

But, how do we make time and energy for dating our spouse when we already have such busy, full lives?

...By doing date night--you guessed it--at home! Doing so will save you time, money, and energy.

Here are my top tips to make date night fun at home:

1. Get dressed up

I'm not saying you need to dress in high heels (although that doesn't hurt). But I am saying to put extra effort into your style. Normally, I'm running around in yoga pants and no makeup because...#momlife. But for date night? I whip out a dress that's been collecting dust in my closet, a pair of heels, and some lipstick I wouldn't normally rock at a playdate. Show your partner you care about how he sees you by dressing up for him even though you'll be staying home.

2. Get the kids to bed on time

Save money by not having to hire a sitter and simply ensure kids are sleeping before date night begins. The day of your date night, take the kids out to the beach or park to ensure they are good and tired when bedtime arrives so you know they'll be sleeping in time for date night. My kids can smell something's up and will try to stay up past bedtime on our date nights, so having this tip really saves me. Follow your typical nighttime routine (dinner, bath, reading, prayer, sleep!), and then get ready for your date!

3. Don't Netflix and Chill

You just got dolled up. Why have him stare at the TV? Don't waste that outfit, mama. Try more engaging, fun activities like making a picnic in the living room, playing board or card games, cooking a fancy meal together, or ordering in one of your favorite meals. Light candles, put on romantic jazz--set the mood! It's your home--you can do whatever you like.

4. Don't talk business

I'm always tempted to talk kids, business, or other household convo when I finally have a moment with the hubbs. Fight this urge if you do too. Aim to discuss things you'd discuss if it were, say...on your first or second date... like current interests, hobbies that are exciting you, future plans, etc. Ask questions and be interested in your partner! The worst thing is when two people in a relationship act like they know all there is to know about the other. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all always growing, changing, and evolving. Discuss things you know your parnter is interested and excited about, and he'll return the favor.

5. Schedule Home Date Nights Regularly

If it's not on the calendar, it ain't real. Seriously, we have to carve out time for what matters to us. Decide on a schedule that works for your family. Perhaps once a week, every Friday night at 10 PM. Do what works for you, but be consistent and specific! Don't say "we'll have date night this month". Plan the days, time, and activities ahead of time and keep that time sacred (no answering the phone or scrolling when you're with your boo, kay?)

Are you going to try a date night at home? Already doing so and have your own tips to share? Then let me know!

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Love ya!



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