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Pregnant With Baby #4

It was my birthday.

My husband made me a lovely meal and was pouring a fine glass of white wine to celebrate another year of life.

Then, my intuition nudged me. Hey, should take a pregnancy test...isn't your period due? I stopped in my tracks.

While waiting for the test to reveal 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' I felt restless. I assumed it'd be 'not pregnant' and convinced myself that I'd be enjoying dinner and wine in two minutes with my family. Yet, when I looked down at the pregnancy test after a few minutes of anxious waiting, lo and behold was a very clear 'PREGNANT'!!

Instantly, I'm crying. I'm thanking God. Then fear sets in. I remember the two very scary miscarriages I'd had previously. I decided in that moment that I had to make a conscious choice; that I had to choose faith over fear. I decided that my God is a redeeming God. That He was up to something good. I decided He wanted to give me a very special birthday gift, and that faith would be sold separately. Faith was my job to match this wonderful surprise.

Moms Wear Heels Monica Bencomo Pregnant with Baby #4

I yelled for my husband and showed him the results. I told him I wouldn't be having any wine for at least 9 months with a grin. He's smiling, in shock. We realize we'd just celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary and the timing added up! Bencomo Baby #4 was on his or her way!!!

We immediately told our kids. They were SO excited! Ariel has been praying for a sibling for some time now, and she said, "God answered my prayers!!"

Taking care of and homeschooling my three kiddos while being pregnant has been quite the task. I've had more nausea this pregnancy than any of my others. And the! I mean, my body is growing a BODY from scratch! No wonder I need naps! Lol. I've tried to show myself some grace and remind myself of my most important priorities in this season so I'm not tempted to do too much.

I am already now thirteen weeks. Nausea is starting to go away, thank God (more on this in my first trimester pregnancy vlog coming soon). We really enjoyed keeping this pregnancy to ourselves the first several weeks. It felt like our own happy little family secret, but it was was nice to start telling family and friends recently too.

I am so excited to share the journey with baby #4 with you all. We've had a few ultrasounds, and he or she looks great. I've already felt some movements too! I'll be having another c section, as its medically necessary with my previous surgeries. I've made peace with this. I've been able to have one child with an epidural, my second completely natural, and now two c sections. All that matters to me at this point is that baby is healthy, and I am too. Everything else is fine print.

Thank you for stopping by, and being a part of this exciting time for my family!

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