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Loving Your Mommy Body

Embracing Your Body Post Baby (Or Babies)

Hey gorgeous, Monica here with a quick reminder:

The world may try to tell you what's wrong with you, your body, your unique figure, hair, yadayada... (yawn).

It is up to YOU to embrace how God made you "flaws" and all.

It took me years to really come back to embrace my long legs, super curly Afro-Rican hair, big smile :) Now I love how God made me uniquely Monica.

I don't care if you still have those twenty "extra" pounds of baby weight to lose.

I don't care if you have cellulite.

I don't care if you have stretch marks.

You Are Beautiful Right Now

Yes, you may want to start that Mommy Makeover Challenge to continue your glow up as a busy mom ;)
But START IT FROM THE PLACE OF SELF LOVE. That is the only way to create sustainable, lasting results.


Maybe you, like me, need to do some unlearning. Unlearn everything someone told you that does not align with what God says about you. Maybe a bully, stranger or even "well meaning" close confidant said something to you that planted a seed of low self esteem. Go to war with that lie and affirm you are gorgeous. Our bodies made LIFE for Christ's sake. How much more beautiful anything be?????

Confidence is a choice

Stop waiting to love you, your life, your mommy body. You don't have to wait until you complete another bootcamp to love yourself, sis.

Decide NOW that you are worthy of love AS you continue to evolve into your greatest, glowiest self.

Want to continue the mommy glow up together? Leh'go.