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Mommy Monday: Motivation for Moms For the Week

It's Mommy Monday! That means we are going to dive into updates on topics I am frequently asked about on my social media in more homeschooling, fitness, emotional/spiritual health, balancing it all; you know--all aspects of mommy life!

So let's dive right on into it...


My goal after baby number three, Rafael, is to again, get in the best shape I can while breastfeeding. Like with my two other postpartum fitness journeys, I am doing all my workouts at home. My workouts are, on average, 20 minutes each, 3 days a week. (In a perfect world, I'd be getting in 5 days a week, but with work and homeschooling, I am making my goals a bit more reasonable).

A tip that has helped me in regards to getting healthier and more fit as a busy mom? Is to set standards, not super-strict rules. For example: My goal is to workout 3 times a week, drink 2 liters or more of water a day, avoid carbs like bread/pasta after 5 pm, and to get protein in each meal. I can follow these guidelines pretty easily. But when we aim to do too much at once, like: I'm going to get a six pack by Tuesday! We can become overwhelmed...Avoid that trap. Slow, steady, consistent progress is better than racing to an unattainable goal. (Can I get an amen?!)


Anybody else feeling a bit claustrophobic lately? Since the pandemic, many of our extracurricular activities have been cancelled. But, distancing is not the same as isolating. So, we make an effort to reach out to family and friends, go for daily family walks, and connect with good people virtually. My tip for our spiritual health as moms this week is: instead of focusing on what we don't have, can't do, or can't control...focus on what we can control, what we can do, what we do have. For instance, I may not be able to have as many visitors as I'm used to having; but guess what? This frees up time and energy for me to focus on my dreams, enjoy the presence of my family without distraction...allows me to do things I love to do that maybe I haven't had time to (like reading one of the hundred books I've been meaning to finish!). This along with a healthy dose of gratitude will surely lift your spirits and your mood. So...I dare you to try it. List 3 things you are grateful for right now...Ready, set, go!! (Warning: more joy will result).

Mommy Life

Can you believe my Rafael is already six months? Ahhh! Where does the time go? Honestly, I had no idea my heart could stretch open as wide as it has with having another child. When it comes to the dynamic of having 3? ...Eliel helps out a lot. He changes diapers, helps me entertain his little bro at times when I'm on Zoom meetings, and seeing Ariel's heart warm when she and her brothers cuddle together on the couch for movie night? Seriously medicine for my soul.

My tip to make motherhood all the more amazing and fulfilling this week...? I invite you really enjoy your precious babies even more. For instance, Ariel asks me to play dolls with her every few hours. Eliel loves when I play catch with him, or play his favorite video game with him while we cuddle. And Rafi? Oh, he's easy. He just wants me to stare deep into his eyes and feed him that liquid gold! The point here is to truly enjoy our children. There's a lot of toxic messaging out there that yells, "Tolerate your children." How about we embrace motherhood? Children are a gift, after all, not a burden.

And ps: We started Rafael on solids recently, and I promised I'd share my recipe. Here it is!

Tips For Balancing it All (and homeschooling)

I think this is the question I get the most often. How do I balance it all?? What a loaded question! I could write a whole book on the topic. (Oh wait, I did! :) ) But for the women who just need a quick snippet of tips on how to help balance it all... Batch and combine. Let me explain:

I batch activities (for example: Mondays may be blogging or content editing day, Tuesdays may be for all my meetings, etc.) Doing this helps me to focus on one important theme at a time. Why is this important? Because there is a high cost for breaking your concentration. I wake up 3 hours or more before my kids so I can get uninterrupted work done (on my batched activity). Then when they're up and ready for breakfast, I'm done with my most important work for the day.

Now--as far as homeschooling/getting in my workout/working/cleaning the home/etc.? Combine, combine, combine. I've done many business meetings while nursing or wearing Rafael. I homeschool Eliel and Ariel doing the same. Eliel's gym class? Often is my workout too. See the point here? Instead of trying to separate my tasks all the time, once the kids are up, I focus on combining tasks creatively. There's no reason my kids can't join in on my workout of the day for my challenge. There's no reason they can't sit in on my virtual bible study. There's no reason they, too, can't have quiet time when mom just needs to sit in silence and read.

I believe all moms are supermoms. Trust me--if you are raising the next generation while taking care of yourself in this day and age--you, my friend are a superwoman. And if no one else tells you this week--you are a good mother! Keep up all the amazing work you are doing in your home. I guarantee you--it will pay off when you get to witness your children growing up to be respectable, joyful, confident adults.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! If you found it helpful, please share it with your fave mom friends. Doing this helps me know you want me to make more content like this.

Until next time, loves!

Let's make it an amazing week.




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