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Ways We Homeschool Differently

Not all homeschooling needs to fit a mold.

Some homeschooling moms I meet ask, " So, what style do you follow? Are you classical? Charlotte Mason? Unschooling?" I used to get overwhelmed at the very thought of choosing one style. I've come to accept the fact that I'm the type of mom who creates her own style of doing things including how I parent and educate my kids. I've read all the popular homeschooling books, and the fact is, every mom has to educate her children in ways that are authentic to her.

Here are some ways we do so that may be unexpected!

Tip #1 - We Homeschool Year Round

Homeschooling year round without taking summer breaks allows us to have more flexibility throughout the year. There's less pressure to stick to our curriculum everyday--I mean--life happens! We travel, we relocate, we have errands, we go on adventures, etc. and knowing we school all year alleviates any stress of us falling behind.

Tip #2 - We Look at Life As School

My motto as a homeschooling mom? "Everything is school." Whether I'm mediating a sibling squabble, teaching my kids how to organize their closets, teaching my son how to chop veggies, or letting my kids sit in on my business zoom meeting, I love them being immersed in our family's culture. What better way for kids to be socialized (for example) than having them be immersed in daily life? Whether we're checking out at Target, at a dentist appointment, or house hunting, they watch, they converse, they learn.

"Socialization as a homeschooled child is inevitable in daily life." -Monica Bencomo

Tip #3 - We Personalize Each Child's Curriculum

Each of my kids came out with--you guessed it--unique personalities and temperaments. It's my job as their mom to assess what their gifts are and tailor their education and activities to suit their God-given gifts. For instance, Eliel, my oldest thrives on a schedule. So each day, I have his checklist ready to go. Checking off all his outcomes to earn his Roblox time brings him a big sense of fulfillment.

Tip #4 - We Aim to go on Adventures As Much As Possible

Instead of only focusing on book work, I aim to get my kids outside as much as possible. I look at field trips as a way to learn via immersion. Whether we're at the beach, hiking trail or museum, they're learning. I try to avoid us getting bored by mixing our scenery up.

Tip #5 - We Don't Follow One Homeschool Style

If you try to fit into a mold or category that isn't genuine to your personality (or that doesn't fit your lifestyle or season of life you're in), burnout or just plain ole' boredom will ensue. Be bold. Be different. Homeschool in your way--just be sure to check your states laws and follow those! ;)

How do you homeschool differently than most? Let me know.



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