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We Sold Everything And Moved Overseas

Hey mamas!

Monica here. A lot has changed since the last time we spoke. We decided to sell all our things and move to HAWAII!!!

As I mention in the vlog, the decision wasn't easy. We loved our home, the friendships we made, and life we had in Texas. But when God says "GO", I've learned it's best to listen.

So...what is God guiding you to do? Try that new fitness program? Finally forgive that person? Start that side hustle? Go back to school?

Whatever you are being guided to do, I hope that your faith is stronger than any fear that may try to talk you out of your blessings.

And...if you need support as you level up your life as a multitasking, modern mama, you should check out the Moms Wear Heels Makeover Challenge--for us moms who want to live their best in tow and all :).

Remember, mamas--one day we'll be old and looking back at our life on our rocking chair. Let's do the things God puts in our hearts and live life passionately. You got this!!!

Sending you love from my family to yours!

Talk soon,



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