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38 Week Pregnancy Update Baby #4

It feels surreal that I'll be holding my fourth baby soon...from getting a positive pregnancy test on my birthday several months ago (thanks for the bday gift, God!)--to now feeling his powerful kicks at 9 1/2 months keeping me up at night--I am amazed at how my belly, body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle has shifted.

I know that quite a few of you told me on Instagram that you are pregnant too and I'm sending you all prayers for a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery! I hope this pregnancy update brings some comfort and hopefully inspo during your journey...

Third Trimester Update with Baby #4:

Excited/Anxious: Ahhh! How will my boy look? What'll his unique personality be like? How will breastfeeding go? How will the c section go? How will I adjust to life as a mother of 4? Did I pack everything for the hospital? Am I missing anything? How will I still work, homeschool, and be the best mama I can be? Sigh...My mind is running a thousand miles an hour--which brings me to my next symptom:

Sleeplessness: When I get the kids to bed, I'm still crunk. My body is tired, but my mind is still alert. It's not just mental, though. When I wind down in the evening, baby boy is most active--kicking and seemingly tap dancing on my bladder! So between the to-do lists racing through my head and the physical discomforts that come along with being in the third trimester, sleep hasn't been happening too much for this mama.

Touchy-Touchy: Many normal emotions a woman feels during a typical day is heightened--ahem--a lot--during pregnancy. So, when I'm happy, I feel like singing Lovely Day at the top of my lungs to the world. But when someone bugs me, well, whew! Watch out. Being idiotic to a hormonal, pregnant mommy is unwise, to say the least. But thankfully, I've been overwhelmed more so with excitement. I cannot wait to hear my boy's first cry. I cannot. Wait. (But I can--so keep baking in there, son!)

Crazy Cool Dreams: Something about pregnancy makes your dreams all the more lucid and interesting. If you've been having crazier dreams while pregnant too, might I add a suggestion: listen to calming music before bed, read, and/or journal. Do something to put your mind and heart in a good place. This has been helping my sleep (when it finally does happen) be peaceful.

Amazon on Speed Dial: Or...internet dial? Thanks to Prime (hello two day shipping) I've been distracting myself from pelvic pressure by getting goodies for baby boy and I (funny video on IG on this coming soon). I think I'm finally at a point where I have everything--car seat, hospital bag goodies, breast pump--the works. If you want to see what I've gotten, you can visit my Amazon store page here. You don't pay anything extra if you order anything, but doing so does help support my blog as I do earn a commission. I appreciate your helping me keep free content coming!

Health Nut...Kinda: I've taken everything I've learned a lot these past four pregnancies as a certified trainer and well--applied it! This is the best I've felt strength and energy-wise during any of my pregnancies. After the nausea subsided, I made it my goal to workout 3 times a week doing my home workouts. Some days, doing household chores had to count towards that, though--which was totally fine. But I made my smoothies religiously (my favorite way to sneak in TONS of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in a drink), drank tons of water, and usually paired a salad with lunch and dinner. It's funny how our culture totally embraces eating junk food and "eating for two" during pregnancy when pregnancy is actually when we need nutrients and quality nutrition most! (Ah how I wish I knew what I know now when first becoming pregnant). But don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those health coaches who never indulges. I still indulged in my cravings, but in moderation. That along with an active lifestyle, lowering stress, and eating tons of whole foods is what I attribute to my feeling good overall.

I know there's more I missed, but these are the main symptoms I can think of for my pregnancy with baby #4. I'll update you guys on YouTube soon, and I post almost daily on the 'gram, let's be friends on those platforms!

Congrats to you if you are pregnant, too. Remember to show yourself grace. You are making a human. In your body. You. Are. Superwoman.

Love you!