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3 Foods to Avoid To Lose Belly Fat

Hey mamas! How is December going for you so far? GREAT I hope. :)

A few of you who've joined my latest challenge have asked me many questions concerning FOOD.

And I get it.

The fitness industry can complicate the HECK out of a subject that should be quite simple.

My method?

Eat what makes me feel good (the majority of the time).
And avoid what gives me the 'itis (a slang term used to define lethargy following a big, typically unhealthy meal).

I aim to eat healthy 80% of the time, and 20% of the time, I treat myself to my faves!

Here are the foods I avoid to lose belly fat, stay healthy, and glow up:

-White, processed flour (white breads, muffins, cereals, white tortillas)

-Flavored, non fat/low fat yogurt

-Sodas or juice

I substitute these for:

-Sprouted grain breads such as Ezekiel

-FULL FAT, PLAIN yogurt (aim for organic to avoid those added hormones!)

-Filtered water and carbonated water

These three substitutions ALONE will have you glowin' up in no time, girl! I'm talking clearer skin, more energy, flatter tummy, a more snatched waist. #YASSS

Ready to take this to the next level and REALLY commit?

Then I invite you to join me as we walk into the second week of the MWH GLOW UP CHALLENGE! #WhoopWhoop!

Get the workouts, meals, and glow up tips you need to look and feel like YOUR best self.

This challenge will not be available much longer, so if you feel inspired to join me, do so now!

I can't wait to continue getting great results with you, beauty!

Sending love your way,



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