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Sunday Reset Plan For Busy Moms

How to reset on Sunday to MOM BOSS your week

Now that my youngest is older and sleeping a bit more throughout the night, I've been able to create more of a routine that works for me as a homeschooling mom of four. I've compiled some goals I have every Sunday (and if I'm behind--Saturday and Sunday), that help me mom boss my week.

Check 'em out and lemme know your thoughts on the 'gram!

Tip #1 - Self Care

I aim to designate self care to-dos like my manicure, pedicure, shaving, deep conditioning my hair and exfoliation on Sundays. If it's scheduled on a particular day, it helps me to avoid overwhelm by leaving it to that day and having it in my calendar as a priority.

Tip #2 - Organization for the Win

I'm a mom of four and wife to a busy guy. The laundry is never-ending. On Sundays, I aim to get as much done as humanly possible so I start off Monday feeling ahead of the game. I also aim to go to bed with dishes done and (at the very least) toys cleared off the floor. *MWH Tip: Have the kids help you! Great life skill to have to learn organization early.

"If you don't schedule your self care, it's less likely to happen...especially as a busy mom."

Tip #3 - Schedule Workouts For the Week

If I don't have a plan for my workouts for the week, they may or may not get done. I simply feel better when I'm prioritizing my health and wellness as a busy mom. For this week, I've scheduled all my MWH home workouts in the early morning before my kids are up. My workouts are all under 30 minutes and burn fat like nobody's business!! Join me if you are ready to transform. I'm starting a new month MONDAY.

Tip #4 - Light Meal Prep

My mantra lately has been: simplify. Simplify. SIMPLIFY. My meals have been generally more easy to prepare. My main goal is to ensure we are eating plenty of fruits and veggies so I have been trying to prep carrots, onion, and other veggies we use daily ahead of time so they're easy to grab for our go to meals like omelets, smoothies, and salads.

Tip #5 - Written Plan for Next Day

Someone wise once said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I find my week goes a lot more smoothly when I wake up Monday with a (mostly) clean home, food prepped, homeschool outcomes planned, and calendar filled. I find my kids are happier too when they know what to expect in our routine.

What do you like to do as a part of your Sunday reset?

Every mom's lifestyle is unique. You simply gotta do what works for you in the season of life you're in. I use these tips in my season of life I'm in now, but not everyday goes as planned! Stay flexible. Stay happy. Stay healthy. I'm rooting for you.