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My Costco Faves for Weekly Food Prep

"The key to healthy family eating is having a routine and everyone knowing what to expect."

Any other moms out there feel like flexing after surviving a trip to Costco with all their kids?

Yeah, me too.

After having a coaching call with my client Jessie this week and her asking me, "Monica, every time I go to the store I end up with tons of random things and unhealthy! What do you get on the regular?" I decided to write this for her and any of you beauties who may be in a similar boat.


I do not eat 100% clean because, you know, I like to be happy... But I do believe in overall sustainable healthy eating that supports having high energy and longevity.

Here are some regular items I get from Costco (pretty much weekly) to live a fit, healthy, happy life as a busy mom:

MWH Approved Costco Haul Items:

Produce for smoothies and weekly meal prep:





-frozen fruits such as:




I aim to buy as much organic as possible--especially items found on the dirty dozen list. But do not stress if this isn't an option right now.

-whole grain pasta

-ground beef

-sprouted bread

-chicken breasts or thighs



-oat milk (I love this in my coffee)

-agave (our favorite sweetener)

-black beans

-brown rice

-spinach (my go to green vegetable mostly because it's virtually tasteless)


-chia seeds (we love these in smoothies)

-oatmeal (I love how filling oatmeal is and how it attributes to those gains baby 😉💪🏽)

-olive oil or butter

-shredded cheese

-Tortilla chips (we love these with our chili)

I may be missing a few items, but you get the gist of it!

Tell me, what are some of your must have when you're a grocery shopping for your family?

And if you need any healthy, easy recipes that I make on the regular using (mainly) the above grocery items?

Then girl, you need my recipe book!

Happy eating!