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3 Tips to Enjoy Motherhood and Lessen Overwhelm

It's Mommy Monday! How are you? In this week's post, I wanted to share with you my top 3 tips to help you be an even happier, healthier mom, and lessen the stress and overwhelm in your life.

You ready? Let's get started.

3 Ways to Enjoy Motherhood and Lessen Overwhelm

Show your children your authentic self

I know when I first became a mom, I suddenly thought I had to wear mom jeans, hang up my dreams, and dull my full self. But thankfully, common sense crept in and I realized that my children (gasp) chose me for a reason! And your children chose you for a reason! ...Not to have some second-hand version of what you think the "perfect mom" is like, but your full authentic, glorious self. For me, that means my kids see me dancing while I make them spaghetti, using the spatula as a microphone. That means my kids see my take care of my body, mind and spirit with my lifestyle program. That means they see me work at times. Let your kids see your genuine self. You'll be glad you did when your in your rocking chair!

Set boundaries

In order for me to be the best mom I can be, I set firm boundaries in my life. Running my business from home while caring for my teething 6 month old, 4 year old, and 7 year old ain't easy. But I've found that not everyone will understand or empathize with your reality, well, because they may not relate or simply haven't tried to. So don't expect others to understand that you have a house to clean, bills to pay, diapers to change, a marriage to tend to, a business to run. Teach them. You may teach them this by saying "No", to a request...(like when someone asks you inadvertently: Can I call you complaining and gossiping about so and so for an hour?) Ain't nobody got time for that! I don't know about you, but I'd much rather be spending my precious gift of time doing things I love (like enjoying my family), and living my dreams.

And remember, every 'yes' to give others is a 'no' you are giving to yourself and your family. Make sure the people and opportunities you allow in your life matter.

Be present

Ok, sorry--but a little rant here. I love social media--the opportunity to connect with like minded boss moms like yourself, share ideas, etc. But is it just me, or is there a straight up phone addiction culture being formed? If you want to be the best mama you can be, you won't have the time to waste scrolling online for hours. I get it--Pinterest-worthy photos on social media are dazzling, but distracting. Follow a few of your favorite accounts you glean inspiration and wisdom from, but set limits on how much time you engage. For me, I post almost daily on my private coaching page for clients, and like to check in with them, so I'm on Facebook for about 10 minutes a day. Instagram? Maybe 5 minutes scrolling, 10 minutes to post and engage, and then it's off for the most part. I do not have my phone there while I'm homeschooling or playing with my kids. It's too tempting and distracting! Do yourself a favor and put the phone away so you can gaze into those beautiful eyes and enjoy those precious babies of yours! You won't regret it!

There you have it! 3 tips to enjoy motherhood even more, and lessen overwhelm.

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