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3 Tips to Transform Your Body and Get Your Most Fit as a Busy Mom

Hey loves!

This #transformationtuesday, I want to share with your my current fitness progress after baby #3, and share some tips that'll serve you in becoming your most fit, healthy, happy self as a mom.

To start, I gained 60 pounds this pregnancy (as I did with my other two pregnancies). I delivered via c section this time (I needed to medically due to a previous surgery), and while this has been my slowest progress in terms of transforming after baby, this journey has been the most rewarding.

Why? Well, balancing motherhood, how life has shifted as a result of the virus, and homeschooling along with my business and weight loss goals has been quite the balancing act. Keeping all the plates spinning can have it's challenging moments; but truthfully I'd have my life no other way!

Which brings me to my first tip:

1) Enjoy the Journey

Ok, sounds trite. Sounds cliche. But cliche's are cliche for a reason! (Because they wreak of truth). Refuse to fall for the trap that promises "6 pack by next week!" or "lose 10 pounds by tomorrow". Slow and steady wins the race. And how do you stay focused on your wellness goals when you don't get immediate gratification? You find a way to somehow enjoy the journey. Trust me. You don't have to see immediate results after your first workout to feel great. You will feel great because you are building confidence in yourself. You will feel great because you'll immediately feel more energy after trading that afternoon coffee for a green juice. You will feel great today because you love and respect yourself enough to honor your body. So, try it out for yourself. And...

2. Set 3 Health Goals...Right Now

Set 3 simple goals you have confidence you can hit such as:

Drink 8 glasses of water daily, have a green smoothie every morning, and exercise 10 minutes or more daily. Notice I didn't say "Get your dream body" as a goal. One idea seems attainable; the other instantly overwhelms. So, go ahead! Write 3 goals you know you can hit today, and watch your body get healthier and more fit each day as a result of those investments.

3. Visualize

Visualize yourself at her best...what does she look like? Is she fit and strong? Energetic? Vibrant? Happy? Get specific. And be honest about where you are in relation to her. Chances are, there will be a gap from where you are to where you want to be. And that's ok! Life would be boring if we had everything we wanted this instant. Embrace the fun it can be to work towards the you you know you can be deep down.

Here are 3 tips I use to become my best self as a mom, and I hope they serve you on your journey too. Remember, take things one day at a time, and know that the investments you make in your wellness matter!

Need more support on your journey? Contact me here.




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