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Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Homeschooling Mom

While checking out at the store the other day, the cashier noticed me dripping with kids and wondered aloud, "Aren't your kids normally in school this time?"

"I homeschool them," I responded with a slight smile. Meanwhile, my four year old was trying to sneak Skittles onto the conveyor belt, my one year old was trying to pull me shirt down for a quick snack #breastfeedingproblems, and my two older kids were simultaneously asking for treats for the car ride home.

Despite my obvious struggle to get out of the store sanely asap, she continued:

"You must be a saint! I could never have done that with mine! How do you do it and still, ya know...stay sane?" she laughed.

"Good question," I thought.

Now, disclaimer: I like conversations like these *normally. I love talking about homeschooling, balancing it all, working out, healthy eating, etc. But the timing was just off. I was sweating just trying to keep my kid from smuggling candy out of the place.

Once I got to the car though, had the kids buckled and Cocomelon on blast, I thought to myself, "Hmmm....I'm getting this question on homeschooling and 'how it's possible' more and more. Might be something I should blog about."

So, if you're reading this blog and you've ever wondered how you can homeschool and:

  1. make time for your workouts

  2. date your husband

  3. have some sanity and alone time

  4. Or simply stay sane (mostly)

Then thank Cindy from Target from inspiring this post today:

Tip #1 - Just Quit Already

No, don't quit things you love. Quit comparing yourself to that homeschool mom on Instagram who has the seemingly perfect homeschooling setup, perfectly behaved kids, and thriving business. Yes, the Proverb 31 woman is my hero too but an ideal that is not always attainable in every season. Find a homeschooling rhythm that works for you and your family and ignore the noise.

Tip #2 - Have Solid Boundaries

When people would call in the middle of my math lesson with my oldest when I FINALLY had my LO down for a nap, I used to feel guilty for not answering.


No one knows how hard you're working to keep it all afloat, mom. And many (sorry to say it!) will take advantage of your loose boundaries. I learned my lesson here the hard way (over and over) until I finally got it. I had to....

Tip #3 - Give up People Pleasing

Cousin Sue might be upset you don't answer as soon as she calls. WHEN YOU HAVE TIME... wink wink* kindly tell her (or anyone who may be upset with your setting boundaries) your primary role is to care for your family, yourself, and your home and that you're so grateful she gets that. And that you have a schedule with your family to keep your sanity and to raise thriving kids. If she gets upset at that? Girl IDK...that's for a whole 'nother blog post!!!

Tip #4 - Know Your Values, Mom

Now that I have four kids and desire to homeschool them, I've had to get pretty savage about knowing my values and prioritizing them. For instance, family is my first value. Also wellness, growth, and time for self reflection. If I try to do everything in every season, I'm a mess. I've learned to carve out time for my primary VALUES in the appropriate season, not everything all the time.

Tip #5 - Make Time For Self Care

Can you wake up 20 minutes earlier to read something inspiring, get a quick workout, and sip a few cups of coffee before the chaos begins? On days I can do this, I start our homeschooling off so much more smoothly. On days I don't, I usually have less patience overall. Need some quick workouts and wanna be my workout buddy plus get some secrets on how to balance it all as a busy mom? Definitely check out my latest program with my all of that and more to stay fit, happy, and healthy as a busy mom.

Wouldn't trade staying home with them for the world

To sum up:

I love homeschooling, but it ain't easy. I love being a mother, but it isn't easy either. Remember, mom, to give yourself some grace. Taking care of our first ministry, our home, matters.

But we matter too.

Keep caring for your well being! Because when mom heals, she heals generations.



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