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Balancing Being YOU And a Great Mom

I had some things on my mind (like always), and thought I'd share here on the blog pertaining to Motherhood & Self Care. And please, read until the end! I have an announcement at the bottom of this post.

Many of you found me on the 'gram, most likely due to one of my mommy and me workout style videos. I love anything mommy and self-care related...which, of course includes health and fitness. But there's so much more that goes into being caring of one's self!

My therapist recently told me--(yes, I see a therapist/life coach and have for years--I think we all could benefit from this!)--that for me, self-care isn't just an option--it's vital to my overall well-being. This, she says, is mostly due to my upbringing and what she considers my childhood traumas, or generational wounds--to her, self-care for women who grew up in unstable homes is not something to be negotiated with.

And upon hearing this, it felt like a wave of fresh air washed over me. I knew my insatiable desire to care for myself body, mind and spirit was not just a fad! Nothing is more important to me than being the best mom I can be, and self-care is necessary for me to be that great mom.

Being a certified fitness coach and working with tons of women the past few years, I always want to go deeper with them than just fitness. Why? Because I know that if you are struggling with any addiction to food, or problem with your weight, it's mostly due to internal wounds not being dealt with--not just knowing how to workout and what to eat (we all can agree to knowing that fruit is healthier than pizza, and going for a walk vs watching TV are healthier options, right? My point here being that we know what to do often! There's just *something else* that thwarts our progress at times).

I firmly believe that once we care for our inner world, sticking to the workouts and healthy meals are easier! And I also believe that if our desire truly is to be the best moms we can be, we have to fill our own cups first.

Below, please find my go to tips for ultimate self care.

Because if even just one mama is inspired after reading this, writing this blog was worth it.

1) Do Social Media Fasts

Some of you write me and ask, "Monica, where'd you go--is everything okay?" Once I take a break from posting. Usually, things are fine, but I sense I need to pull back and go within more. Social media and looking at our phones is addictive. I don't want to miss out on what matters most--seeing my babies grow, and enjoying my family! So, I urge you to do an inventory--how much time are you spending on your phone daily? Is there something you could replace some of that time with that will attribute to your health and happiness?

2) Journal. Pray. Meditate.

Yassss, sis. Every. Day. Upon waking the first thing I (try) to do is go within. I will do a mediation (even if only 3 minutes), have my only time with God, and journal to vent out the issues swimming around in my mind. Why? Because my day goes 110% better when I start it off consciously. And do yourself a favor--don't check your phone or social media before doing this!

3) Move Your Body, Girl!

A big part of self care is fitness--taking time to exercise. Now that I'm 31 weeks pregnant (and feeling huge!) I am limiting my workouts these days to mainly walking, swimming, cleaning the house, (and on good days), grabbing my light weights and getting in my Snatch Sexy Challenge workout. There are COUNTLESS benefits to exercising including improved brain function, happier moods (hello, endorphins!), and of course, a fit physique! Even if only for 10 minutes, just do it!

4) Surround Yourself With POSITIVE Nancies.

We've all had a frenemy who is a negative nancy. Do yourself a favor and only allow people in your life who helps lift it higher! Release those who bring you down, who don't believe in your potential, who are terrified your growth means leaving them. If you don't have positive friends yet, trust me--being in your own company is better than drama!! Pray that the right friendships find you, and in the meantime, work on you.

Did any of these tips resonate? If so, let me know on social, and share it with a mom friend!

And before I go...some of you said you wanted to get Rafael something as a baby shower gift (*wipes tear--soooo sweet, thank you ladies!!) I created an online Target registry if you want to get our family something :) I'll be making an unboxing video so I can celebrate with you all and show you what came! And maybe an IG live if I can get Elvis to film!

Hope you all have an amazing week!