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Feeling Down? This Will Help You Get Your Power Back

Finding it harder than usual to be motivated? I get it. There's a lot going on in the world right now.

So much so that it can really not only distract us from our goals of being the best versions of ourselves, but downright take the wind right from underneath our sails.

One scroll on your social media feed, and sadness and anger can well up in your throat with all the social injustice, threats to our health, and constant alerts aiming to keep us anxious.

But we can't stop pursuing what is in our hearts. We can't stop bringing joy into our homes. We owe it to the victims we are praying for daily who have not been so lucky to wake up next to their own loved ones today to live what God has placed inside of us. ...To share our gifts with the world.


I know it's not easy. I am always wishing, praying, the world we lived in was better. That we weren't still dealing with so much ignorance. It breaks my heart that even now, in 2020, we are still dealing with racism and inequality. But it's a fact right now; we are.

It's also a fact that we are constantly being inundated with news about the corona virus.

But I want to share with you some tools I've been using to refuse to allow sadness rob me of this life. Here we go.

3 Tips to Get Your Power and Motivation Back

Control what you can control

I can't control where the virus goes next. I can't control how others treat innocent people in the world today. But you know what I can control? How I respond. How I pray. How I tithe. How I eat. How I move my body. How I treat my husband, children, family. We have so much in our control that can help alleviate the mental fatigue and sadness that is bound to try to steal your joy and appreciation. But trust me! How you fuel your body matters. Junk food leads to lower moods, and increased sadness (not to mention the ITIS!) lol. Taking a jog and popping in your MWH workout will undoubtedly make you feel better (hello endorphins). And getting into prayer mode definitely lowers any anxiety you feel (more on this in #3). For this reason, I include elements of mind, body, spirit in my membership. It's not enough to just care for your body in this crazy day and age! We must nurture every fiber of our beings if we are to rise above the negativity.

Happy mom, happy children

Hurt people hurt people. Many of the times I've regretted how I've treated someone, it's been due to my feeling hurt by an action someone first did to me. Conversely, when I'm caring for my mind, body, spirit, praying for my enemies (and not letting them in to hurt me any longer), I only put goodness out! I forgive others easier. I don't yell at my kids. I am calm. I have vision. I'm inspired. You see,an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind! (Gandhi), we can, like Michelle Obama says, go HIGH when they go low ...

Many of the problems we deal with in this society is because of how children were raised! If mom and dad had handled their business--often (if not always), these kids wouldn't grow up with so much hate and anger in their hearts. I know I rebelled as a teenager when nothing made sense--when neither home or the world felt safe to me... The reason I work so DANG HARD at my self care goes WAY deeper than, "I need some cute glutes"--nah. I do this because I need to bring my A game to my children, to my husband. And doing so requires me to own my self care. Because when I am mentally, emotionally, spiritually healthy, I can teach my children the tools they need to be able to be the same.

Go within

Alright, final tip--go within, girl. Don't look outside of yourself to find peace. No one knows what's in your heart--who you truly can become buy you and God. If I waited for others to see in me what God saw in me years ago, I'd still be working at Taco Bell (no shade to Taco Bell. Just saying, reaching a higher potential is important here). We should NEVER settle in life. I have a tattoo on my back that reads in Spanish..."There's nothing worse than wasted potential..." I got this when I was 21, and I made a promise to myself that even if nobody else saw who I could be, that I'd go all in on my becoming who I knew deep down I could be. You see, you have an imagination--that is a GIFT from God, boo! You get to go within, and you see a preview to life's coming attractions...granted to do the work to get there.

So...are you ready to take your power and inspiration back? Become your best self? Invest in your body, mind, spirit, so you can live your dream life, and show your kids what a resilient, powerful woman looks like?


If that's you, you are the minority. Many will still go about their normal life after reading this, and will call others to validate settling in life (we ARE the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, so be cautious about who you're communicating with).

I'm only expecting 1% of the women who read this to apply these tools. If that's you and you need support, tools, and community, then join this month's challenge. I've worked my tookahs off to create full body workouts, meal guide, motivational video, meditations and more to help moms like you and me live a life we can be proud of.

Coaching call with me included TONIGHT if you act now. You can cancel membership after this month if you simply want to try it out.

Whether you join or not, I am sending you LOVE today! Remember your power. Control what you CAN control. Bring light into your home for your children and partner. And when feeling anxious, go within.

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Love ya!


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