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How to Make 2020 Your BEST YEAR YET

I have to tell you something that you may need to hear, or have never heard...If you're anything like me, you may have grown up starved to hear it--maybe those around you knew it but for whatever reasons, chose to keep it to themselves.

And that is:

You, my darling, are special. Unique. POWERFUL. You have innate gifts and talents that, when owned, can change the world.

And yes, even if you're a busy mama like me, changing diapers between business meetings, YOU TOO have amazing gifts to share with the world. #MomsWearHeels Too.

My question for you is: have you already realized this and chosen to own your power in your life? Are you waking up with the confidence that you are a BOSS and you can create the life you truly desire?

If so, rock on sis.

Keep owning your light and REFUSE to dim it for ANYBODY.

But if you, for whatever reason, find it hard to own what makes you standout, what makes you special in your life--I'm going to remind you this Mommy Monday that you can choose a different narrative right NOW. You can decide right now to live more boldly, authentically, follow your dreams, and become your best self. It's never too late.

Unfortunately, there are people in our lives at times that may have been fearful of losing us, that they chose to keep their compliments and affirmations of our brilliance to themselves. I've coached many women that have had boyfriends or fathers whom-- instead of celebrating their divinity, chose to belittle or ignore it. And if you're in that camp, take it from me: You can heal that. But it all starts with conscious awareness.

So. Before we bring in 2020, and take on the Mommy Makeover Challenge together, hand in hand to become our best selves and own our power as a team, I welcome you to grab your journal and answer the following questions. Or at the very least, reflect on your answers and get to the writing part later.

7 Questions to Become Your Best Self in 2020

1. What are you most proud of in your life to date? Is it giving birth to amazing kids? Having healthy friendships? Getting your degree while managing a full time job and motherhood? Be specific, and celebrate your accomplishments.

2. Who has impacted you the most in your life (for better?) You mom? A mentor? A best friend? Why was their influence so powerful?

3. When you are alone in bed at 3 am and can't sleep, what dreams keep you up at night? What goals, dreams, and aspirations do you have that you may have never shared with another soul?

4. What are some life lessons you've learned to date that you will share with your daughters and sons to help them avoid similar mistakes?

5. Who do you still need to forgive so you can be free? (This can include you!)

6. What would I do with my life if fear weren't playing a role in my decision making?

7. Imagine living your best life, as your best self. Where does she live? What does her schedule comprise of? Who does she love? How many kids does she have? What does she drive? How does she dress? Get specific. Let your imagination and soul soar.

It is in honestly answering questions like these that I was able to transform my life from being depressed, overweight, and feeling hopeless at age 18 to the woman I am today. So many challenges fail to address a very big problem women face today--loving and accepting who we are, as we are--right now. Once we do this, sticking to a workout schedule and our meditations will be a breeze. Why? Because once you are honest with yourself, fully--you feel lighter, freer, even more able to take on the world, and become the best version of you yet.

The world hasn't even seen a hint of your true power yet. I know that.

Let's re-introduce the new, emerging you to the world in 2020. Start with answering these questions so you can walk into the new decade with more awareness. Because when we're not self-aware, we are easily influenced by others' perceptions of who they THINK we are.

They've been 'sleep on you, that's okay ;). Once we stop sleeping on your own power and purpose, I promise they'll wake up too.

Already join our free Mommy Makeover Challenge? Shout me out on Instagram and invite your friends to join us.

And if you haven't joined us, it's not too late. Sign up and download your free program today!

It's on January 6th.

Sending love your way!

PS: Here's some motivation to kick off your week by Steve Harvey--I hope this touches you like it touched me:



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