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What I Eat In A Day As A Homeschooling Mompreneur of 4

Wellness for me is all about having a sustainable healthy lifestyle--not a quick fix to achieve a particular goal. A big part of feeling healthy and happy for me as busy mom of 4 is my meal plan.

Now disclaimer: I do not eat 100% clean all the time. For me and my family, eating perfectly is simply not a sustainable goal. We aim to eat about 80% clean and 20% freely--you know, whatever treats we happen to be craving.

I love having predictable eating habits because my kiddos know what to expect and it keeps meal times less stressful and more calm.

Oh, and one other caveat--as a certified trainer, I realize the importance of putting emphasis on how we want our children (and ourselves) to feel as opposed to how we want to look. In short, we never EVER want to use food to shame others into eating a particular way. We make our meal plan about feeling good from the inside out--about being healthy and living a long life. Looking great is a cherry on top of the sundae of a well-balanced, energetic, high vibe life.

Now let's get into the MWH Meal Plan that helps me feel great as a busy mom:

MWH Meal Guide


95% of the time, we start the day with one of my signature smoothies. I pack in tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals buy adding in frozen pineapple, blueberries, water, tons of spinach, a banana, and flaxseeds. We mix it up here and there but most days we drink this. I have tons of recipes in detail on my Insta. Check it out if you need some!


I love oatmeal because of the health benefits! It's gluten free, whole grain, high protein, and contributes with muscle growth and repair. You can't go wrong with oats. I usually mix oats with oat milk, blueberries and on fancy days, I top it with sliced almonds too.

MWH Snack

After meal number 2, I normally have some boiled eggs along with some fruit and carrots or some hummus, crackers and carrots.

Warrior Mama Dinner

For dinner we always strive to have a meal with protein, veggies, and a carb--some nights this is spaghetti (we love Banza, grass fed beef, pasta sauce, and chopped spinach), and other nights we grill chicken and pair it with a salad and some whole grain or chickpea pasta.

Additional Tips:

Keep meals as simple as possible. The more ingredients, sometimes the more stressed meal times are. I aim to have more fancy and complex meals during weekends, but Monday through Friday I make it as easy on me as possible.

Include your older kids into your cooking process. My eldest, Eliel is chopping veggies and prepares meals on his own now! Start 'em young and of course, practice safety!

If your kids have a hard time eating some of these meals, don't give up! My kids used to stick their noses up at my smoothies but they've grown to love them! They even make their own recipes now! #ProudMama

I created an in depth meal guide with all my family favorites we eat on a consistent basis to feel great. Get started today on your wellness goals and join me!

MWH Fit, Happy, Healthy Meal Plan

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