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How To Get Your Motivation Back (Even During Quarantine)

I started off 2020 FIRED UP, y'all.

Then all you-know-what hit the fan.

I definitely needed time to adjust to the "new normal". (As I think we still all are and will continue to have to do!) But that fire I had in January? It's still there.

Pandemic or not: We still have lives, dreams, babies, families. So, we have two choices:

We can give into the fear or anxiety we may feel about the unknown...OR...

We can choose to focus on (still) becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I am choosing the latter. Why?

Because we are going to get through these uncertain times. We are going to come out of this. And we can come out of this better or worse.

So. Here are a few tips you can use to (still) become your best self: even in the midst of a pandemic!!

4 Tips to (still) Become Your Best Self

Have goals, girl

One of the keys to keeping motivation is having a clear sense of direction. When you wake up, do you have at least three goals you are actively reaching for? (Example: lose ten pounds, find a job, start a blog). Having goals gives you energy, passion, and direction in life so you aren't just waking up responding to everyone else's agenda. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your journal, and write down as many goals as you can that light you up inside. Then narrow it down to 3 of your most juicy ones.

Make a plan

Someone once said, "A goal without a plan is just a wish". I couldn't agree more. I am a big dreamer, but all the dreams in the world won't produce the manifestation. It's important we discipline ourselves to write down not only what we desire for our lives, but a concrete list of actionable steps to help us get there. For instance, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, your action list could be: workout 3 days a week to (fill in the blank's) workout videos 20 minutes. Start my morning off with a green smoothie. Stop eating within 3 hours of sleep. Be specific.

See this season as an opportunity

We always have a choice in life. We may not always be able to control what happens around us, but we can control how we respond. Let's choose to see this season as an opportunity. Why? Because perception is everything. So--what goggles are you using to view your amazing life today? Are you looking around and seeing everything that is wrong, or everything that can (and is) going right? Adjust your perceptions as needed. Invite yourself to see the opportunity embedded within your challenges. Regardless of what happens, you will come out stronger, wiser, and a better you.

Take care of your health

I've had people write me saying they "just can't" with the workouts....that I'm putting too much pressure on moms...yada yada. Listen. I am NOT here to put unnecessary burdens on you, whether you are a mom or not. But I AM A COACH. It's in my DNA. So, I want to challenge you so you grow! If you want a community where you are pushed to become your best self? I'm your girl. But if you want someone to tell you to settle in your life because deep down, they are insecure you'll pass them up, I'm not your girl. (Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way):

I create short, effective workouts that even the busiest multitasking mom can do because I understand. I have empathy for the supremely busy mom. I mean--I stay home with three kids while homeschooling, nursing, and running a business. I get it!

But mamas--without our health, how can we possibly show up as leaders for our family? How can we possibly have energy to go after our dreams if our health suffers?

Being healthy and happy starts from the inside out. Eliminate negative people from your life, drink your water, eat your veggies, move your body, and try to sleep enough. Don't aim for perfection. Just aim for progress! You can get free workouts here if you need some. Or, if you need more, you can join my Membership for all my resources to become your best self.

My hope for you is that you don't abandon your goals you started the year off with. Dare to still dream even if you are the only one "crazy" enough to in your circle. Seriously, what have you got to lose?

Sending love your way,



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