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Our Maternity Photoshoot

Baby number 4 is almost here and I wanted to share our maternity photoshoot with you! I am honestly shocked at how fast this pregnancy has been flying by. On one hand I do NOT want this pregnancy to end, and on the other, I can't wait to meet our new baby.

This has felt like the most special maternity photoshoot we've ever done as a family. While taking the photos, I was in gratitude and awe at how much God has grown our family over the years. I cannot wait to see Rafi as a big brother. He already grabs my belly and kisses it saying, "Hi, baby!" After seeing my other children respond when a new sibling arrives, I'm sure he'll acclimate fast and love the graduation from "baby" to "big brother".

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Scroll down on this post to see more from our pregnancy photoshoot. Thanks for being a part of my journey. Sending you and yours love!



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