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This is Only For the Women Who Refuse to Settle in 2020

There's something that happens to a woman when she's had enough.

...Enough settling for less than she deserves...

...Enough procrastinating become her best self..

...Enough being "nice" over being authentic...

Through the pain of her trials, tests, and obstacles, she gains an inner strength with which you cannot buy. As it states in the bible, wisdom is more precious than rubies.

And don't you agree?

I mean, having money, a banging body, really fancy clothes, jewelry, becoming famous--all those things are cool if you desire them...but the foundation needs to be stable--self love, self acceptance, and radical self care...

Which brings me to my next point.

It's day 1 of the MWH Mommy Makeover Challenge!!! Whoop Whoop! (Can you see me doing the happy dance in your head right now? Because I totally am).

Are you ready?

Do you feel motivated?

Did you write down your WHYS? You know, WHY you refuse to fail at your goals to get your most fit, happy, and healthy with me this year?

If not--GIRL--do that now. And if you need some inspiration, watch the video below. I share my journey to date--being a mom of three, and what my fitness journey and path of following my dreams have been like to date. I think you'll find it resonating if you are too, a Mom Who Wears Heels (i.e. a mom dedicated to becoming her best self). But warning: video is raw and unfiltered.

OH! And PS--A very special announcement:

Many of you asked about my opening up my membership site again. Guess what? It's up, and it's better than ever! So if you want access to a full digital studio of workouts (dozens ranging from booty, abs, full body and Diastasis Recti), motivational videos, webinars, community of like minded, badass women, and access to our monthly coaching call webinar with me--you're going to want to join.

And you're really going to want to join if: you want to party with me this summer to celebrate our journey as a team this summer (more details for members to come). The retreat is going to be AH-MAZING. This group is going to be special. I can feel it. I sense that there are other women feeling the butterflies in their stomach launching them towards this life changing group. If that's you--I want to work with you!

So, if you're ready to take on the FREE Mommy Makeover Challenge, but you also want to work with me more closely? I got you! Sign up to hold your spot here. Space limited.

Love you all!!!!

Be sure to upload your before photos on social! The woman with the most inspiring transformation (before and after) wins a one on one coaching call with me.

Tag me so I can follow you back and hold you accountable to the woman you KNOW you are capable of becoming.


Monica Bencomo