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7 Tips to Go After Your Dreams as a Busy Mom

Okay so...many of you know I'm a homeschooling mompreneur of 2 kids...and in a week-- homeschooling mompreneur of 3!

And when I shared the post that I had begun homeschooling a couple of months back--I heard it all from--that's awesome! to...are you insane?

And I get it. I signed up to share my life online because well--I love to do so! And I also understand that not everyone will understand my decisions--and that is perfectly okay with me!

My goal is to share my lifestyle as a mom as authentically as possible in hopes that other women and moms find inspiration, camaraderie, and tools they can use to apply to their own lives to become their most healthy, happy version.

And I felt this post was needed. I receive the messages, emails and comments from other multitasking moms asking how I'm making it all work as a homeschooling mompreneur without pulling my hair out.

But disclaimer--being a mom on a mission to be the best mom she can be, as well as a mom committed to her dreams is no easy feat. Doing so takes discipline, self-belief, and a will like no other. But I believe we can do and be whatever we choose in life...yes--even as moms!

So if you're interested to learn some tips on how I'm making it all work--read on!

1. Know What You Want

What do you want? Don't tell me what your dad told you you should want, or what society expects of you--no! Tell me, what do you want? What kind of lifestyle would tickle your fancy so much you'd go to bed and wake up with a big smile plastered over your face? Your homework is to write this down. Grab some paper and a pen, and let your imagination soar: where do you live? What do you do for work? Who do you spend time with? What kind of mama are you? Get specific!

2. Audit Your Time

For the moms who tell me: Monica all that sounds great but I don't have time! I disagree.

Oprah, Will Smith, you, me--we all have the same 24 hours in a day. And I really don't want you to get to be 90 years old saying, "I would've gone after my dreams...if only I had more time...". No, sister, life is too precious for that! Commit to your dream--even if it's only 20 minutes a day--do something that inches you towards your best life! And if you "don't have time" but are still making time for Netflix, binge watching YouTube, or chatting with folks everyday on the phone--hate to break it to you--but that's time. Time you could be using to invest in you.

3. Choose Relationships With Intention

I've never been one of those people who needed a lot of friends. Give me a small circle of women I can trust--who I know have my back--and I'm good. This has served me tremendously being a work from home mom. Why? Well, relationships and friendships require intention and work! The more friendships you have--the more energy you will be expending into them. So, make a mental list of the people you truly value having in your life, and commit to being a great _______ (sister, daughter, mother, friend) to them, and leave boundaries with the rest. The result? You're less overwhelmed, and you're an even better person to the circle you've committed to.

4. Only Say 'Yes' If You Mean It

I used to want to do it all! I used to want to say yes to every "opportunity" that presented itself. I've learned since then that that is a big no-no. Now, I only say 'yes' to things that flip my skirt up. Speaking engagements, play dates, dinner dates, watching a movie--whatever it is--I only commit if I know I can handle it, and if it's worth it. Why? Because when you commit to something you don't want (or have the energy) to do, you wind up resentful. And while I'm 38 weeks pregnant over here with two little children, let me tell you sister, my energy is finite. So, I say 'no thanks' a lot, and the people in my life understand! And if they don't that's okay too. Once I understood that:

Every 'yes' I give to others is a 'no' I'm giving to myself and my family, I got super clear on my values.

5. Automate, Automate, Automate

The first year I was a fitness and lifestyle coach, I emailed each client her program individually, and kept up with each individually (not all on the same platform). I quickly learned that as my business grew, my business savvy had to as well. Now I automate all I can. I pay a monthly fee so that every time someone orders one of my programs, she doesn't have to wait for me to sit and email it to her--it is immediately delivered into her email! And when I coach clients, we use one forum to stay connected on (and email too in case of personal questions). Whether you work from home like me or work outside the home, automate whatever you can! You and your clients will be happier.

6. Online Is Where It's At

From shopping for clothes, to food, to my workout program, I buy and use almost everything online. I order my groceries online and pick them up conveniently without even having to get out of the car (most days). I order gifts, my favorite clothes, health items, and more on my amazon and get it two days later. I use my online programs I created to stream my workouts from the comfort of my own home (and this is how I'll be snatching my sexy back after baby #3! Join me here!) This is the beauty of the age we live in! Our parents didn't have this luxury--but we do. Save your precious time and energy and get what you need from the comfort of your own home when you can.

7. Have a Vision

This is my favorite tip. Why? Because being a mom on a mission to become her best self while also being committed to her children is no easy feat. Having a compelling vision--one vivid enough to pull you out of bed in the morning when you'd rather hit the snooze button--is key to not giving up on the journey. And you--whomever is reading this right now-- I believe in you! Nothing in your past defines where you can go. No one can stop you from accomplishing the desires of your heart. You CAN be a great mom and go after what you want in life.

Head to my Instagram and tell me what your favorite tip is on this list--and share how you are going to apply it to your life!

And if you are interested in receiving coaching from me from fitness to business, to relationship, apply here!

I look forward to connecting with you!!

Stay inspired,



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